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Jun 08,  · Anyland is an open virtual reality universe to create your home, chat with others, explore & live in! Made from the ground up for VR, explorable via just PC Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins. How to Download VR Games Store for PC: To start with, you will need to free download either BlueStacks or Andy for PC considering the download option offered in the starting point of this site. As soon as the installer finish off downloading, double-click on . Download hundreds of Oculus Go VR experiences. Step into a new virtual world with downloadable games, apps, entertainment, and more. Play solo or with friends.


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Highway Madness is an intense road crossing game in VR that supports jumping, shooting, running, arm-swing locomotion, power-ups and shooting.

The game can be played against bots and also supports up to 4-player multiplayer gameplay. In DRILL you need to ship your space cargo through the galaxy while protecting it from pirate ships, as well as defend your base while completing a pain-relief VR exercise especially good for your shoulders and upper back. The Beanstalk is a virtual reality fairytale experienced based on the classic, Jack and the Beanstalk.

It’s a student project created by a team at BYU Provo. VR Supported. Play Game. What’s the status? Tweak and customize visual, audio, and input settings with this easy-to-use window. Don’t lose track of reality Everyone’s play area is a little different.

With the Chaperone system you can set and view the boundaries of the space available in your room and remain aware of that space while you’re immersed in VR. Customize SteamVR Home with new environments and props created by the community and use its built-in social functions to socialize with friends and other players.

Use additional wearables and props you find by completing quests in other SteamVR Home environments to customize your own avatar. Virtual Steam With the touch of a button access the SteamVR dashboard to to quickly switch games, browse the Steam Store, and interact with your PC desktop at any time.

The dashboard brings all the features of Steam to your virtual worlds. See all. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. Review Type. Lazerbait is a free arcade strategy game set in virtual reality with one simple goal: capture all the planets to build more ships and destroy your enemies!

You are in ancient Egypt where you are the god who ensures the biggest pyramid ever gets build through the might of physics and some help of those lazy humans. You find yourself on a lonely space station, with only the mining drones to keep you company. Luckily the drones are hard workers, and they will gather resources so you can build defenses against invading creatures from another dimension. The story happens on the mainland of Roland. As a ranger, you have witnessed a series of anomalies recently: the blood moon, mad animals… Now the elder chief of NaBaer expects you to suppress the mobs who plundered their tribe.

Adventurers will find themselves moving from room to room, battling evil skeletons and collecting gems along their way. Spellbender is an action-adventure game built for HTC Vive, in which you will use physical motions to cast spells and unleash your magic powers on your enemies.

Cartoon Network Journeys VR is a collection of three original VR experiences that give short glimpses into other worlds. Save your colony from collapse as a one-winged bee. Entertain the King and his subjects as the jester of the court.

Complete metaphysical lessons to become the Supreme Deity of the Cosmos. Each with its own unique dance style. Look at Angelus products while playing basketball or running through a challenging dodging game.

Tea For God is a VR roguelike shooter that uses impossible spaces, and procedural generation to allow player infinite movement within their own home. Nova Swarm is a 1v4 local multiplayer VR space battle game. A maniacal AI ship the VR player with a powerful laser, rechargeable shield, and undying hatred of the human race. HangoVR is a fast-paced collaborative party game in VR, where gameplay happens both in the VR goggles and the computer screen.

Attack on Titan VR by Kosma. A tribute VR game to Attack on Titan. Haunted Warehouse. Sequel to Haunted Mountain. Can you escape the haunted Warehouse? The Digital Media House. Tomboy Adventure. Explore the sunlit island together. Project Stardust. Dylan Stout. A horror game, but with full lights on! Play in browser. Yu Ro. Attack on Quest. Axegend VR demo. Axegend VR is a Roguelike strategic action adventure game.


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