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You might try switching the Layout settings. Therefore, make sure that you select the appropriate language each time you convert a document with OCR. Adobe acrobat x pro export free strangest thing exlort this issue is that it is rarely mentioned, which made me think that I was not performing the operation properly, or not that many people use the save to Word feature anymore. The default is Images. On здесь Mac


Adobe Acrobat X Pro


File size: Create and edit PDF files with rich media included, share information more securely, and gather feedback more efficiently. Use Acrobat X to create high-impact PDF communications, collaborate more easily, and streamline reviews. Acrobat Dynamic PDF helps you get more done — easier, faster, better. Relative positioning of tables, images, and even multicolumn text is preserved, as well as page, paragraph, and font attributes. Apply professionally designed layouts, visual themes, and color palettes.

Easily add corporate logos and colors to reflect your branding. Rich media Quickly bring ideas to life through rich, interactive documents. Action Wizard Automate routine, multistep tasks into a guided Action. Create, manage, execute, and share a sequence of frequently used steps that can be applied to a single PDF or batches of files.

Version comparison Eliminate confusion and improve version control. Easily identify differences between two versions of a PDF file by having Acrobat analyze both files and highlight changes to text and images. Extending Reader functionality Enable Adobe Reader X or Reader 9 users to participate in shared reviews, fill and save forms, and digitally sign and approve PDF documents — regardless of platform or operating system.

Streamlined document reviews Provide team members with a complete set of comment and markup tools, so all can participate in shared document reviews using Adobe Reader X or Reader 9 software. See and build on each other’s comments. Track progress and participation. Interactive PDF forms Easily convert existing forms to fillable PDF forms with intelligent form field recognition, or design them yourself using included templates.

Collect data quickly and export to spreadsheets for analysis. Track and manage responses. Permanent information removal Use redaction tools to permanently delete sensitive information, including specific text and illustrations. Easily sanitize documents with one click, finding and deleting hidden information such as metadata, annotations, attachments, form fields, layers, and bookmarks. Check and adjust documents to ensure that they are accessible to people with disabilities. Online file sharing Use Adobe SendNow online services from within Acrobat to send, share, and track large files without the headaches of email size restrictions, FTP sites, and costly overnight services.

Requirements: Mac OS X v Download Adobe Acrobat X Pro Binary output yields smaller files, but not all workflows can accommodate binary output. Specifies the level of PostScript compatibility. Use Language Level 3 only if the target output device supports it. Language Level 2 is suitable for EPS files that are placed in another document and color-separated as part of that document.

Font Inclusion. Specifies the fonts to be included in the PostScript. Embedded fonts are taken from the PDF; the referenced fonts are taken from the computer in use. Include Comments. Convert True Type to Type 1. Include Preview. This option is not available when saving as PostScript.

Specifies the pages you want to export. The following options are available when you click on the XML 1. Refers to the binary values, based on international standards, used to represent the text characters. UTF-8 is a Unicode representation of characters using one or more 8-bit bytes per character; UTF represents characters using bit bytes. Generate Bookmarks. Generate Tags For Untagged Files.

Generates tags for files that are not already tagged, such as PDFs created using Acrobat 4. If this option is not selected, untagged files are not converted.

Tags are applied only as part of the conversion process and are discarded after the conversion. This is not a method for creating tagged PDFs from legacy files. Generate Images. Controls how images are converted.

Use Sub-Folder. Specifies the prefix added to the image filenames if you have several versions of the same image file. Output Format. Downsample To. Downsamples image files to the specified resolution. If you do not select this option, image files have the same resolution as in the source file. Image files are never upsampled.

Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. User Guide Cancel. Quickly convert PDF to Word online. Try now for free.

Quickly convert PDF to Excel online. File format options for PDF export in Acrobat. Image conversion settings. File Settings. The smaller the file, the lesser the image quality. Tile Size: Divides the image being compressed into tiles of the given size. If the image height or width is not an even multiple of the tile size, partial tiles are used on the edges. Image data for each tile is individually compressed and can be individually decompressed.

The default value of is recommended. This option is available only for JPEG format. Format: Determines how the file is displayed. Available only in JPEG format. It provides the following options: Baseline Standard : Displays the image when it has fully downloaded. This JPEG format is recognizable to most web browsers. Baseline Optimized : Optimizes color quality of the image and produces smaller file sizes but is not supported by all web browsers. Progressive 3 scans-5 scans : Downloads the image first as a low-resolution image, with incremental quality improvements as downloading continues.

Color Management. PNG options. PNG format is useful for images that are used on the web. Filter: Lets you select a filtering algorithm. None : Compresses the image without a filter. Recommended for indexed-color and Bitmap-mode images. Sub: Optimizes the compression of images with even horizontal patterns or blends. Up: Optimizes the compression of images with even vertical patterns. Average: Optimizes the compression of low-level noise by averaging the color values of adjacent pixels.

Paeth : Optimizes the compression of low-level noise by reassigning adjacent color values. Select Adaptive if you are unsure of which filter to use. Specifies the type of color management for the output file and whether to embed an ICC profile. TIFF options.


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